Laatste voorbereidingen Business Festival (Dutch)

iGNITE! Music booking agency verzorgt entertainment tijdens Business Festival Twente 2017 - Hangar 11 - Luchthaven Twente - Enschede

De laatste voorbereidingen voor het Business Festival zijn in volle gang. IGNITE music management, marketing, booking agency verzorgt de volledige entertainment programmering. Tijdens het event lanceren wij onder andere een nieuwe vorm van presentatie voor (business) events. Spannend!

Meer informatie over het Business Festival is te vinden op:

Meer informatie over de dienstverlening van iGNITE! voor business events is te vinden op:


New videoclip Roos Blufpand released

Roos Blufpand - Niet Bang - leo blokhuis - what the world needs now - iGNITE! Music management

Roos Blufpand wrote a new song for the project #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow from the famous Dutch music journalist Leo Blokhuis His project is all about the revival of the ‘protest song’.

The song (Dutch lyrics) and videoclip were released on March 10th. The title “Niet Bang” translate to “Not Afraid” in English.

Two new artists: Hardstyle Pianist & Roos Blufpand


We are so proud!
In February to very different and very great artists that have signed with iGNITE! Music management!

– Hardstyle Pianist –
The Hardstyle Pianist has taken the Hardstyle scene by storm, arranging famous hardstyle tracks and playing them on a classical piano.
His youtube videos are very populair and he keeps attracting more and more fans to his Facebook page:

He played live during the Q-dance FREAQSHOW (new year 2016/2017) and has already worked with and built a fanbase amongst the biggest names in the Hardstyle scene.

– Roos Blufpand –
This 24 year old Dutch singer-songwriter Roos Blufpand captivates audiences in both theaters and live clubs with songs in the Dutch language that can be very sensitive and ‘small’ but also very poppy, energetic and ‘jumpy’.
Roos has played hundreds’ of live gigs in the Netherlands on live stage, theaters as well as on national radio and television.
Roos is who she is, authenticity to the max.



iGNITE! Music verzorgt programmering Business Festival Twente 2017 (Dutch)

iGNITE! Music programmering muziek entertainment Business Festival Twente De Ondernemer 2017

Het is definitief: IGNITE music management, marketing, booking agency verzorgt op 20 april 2017 de volledige muziek en entertainment programmering voor het Business Festival en daar zijn wij best trots op! Nog trotser zijn wij op de tevredenheid van onze klant De Persgroep Nederland:

Frank Dammers (Persgroep Nederland):
“origineel en helemaal opgebouwd vanuit de behoefte van de b2b doelgroep”.

Juist door onze kennis er ervaring op gebied van marketing in de b2b markt én onze kennis over unieke en kwalitatieve muziek en entertainment kunnen wij ook voor uw event de juiste programmering neerzetten. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie!