Music industry services

It is not easy being an artist. All you really want to focus on is the creation of music, playing live as a solo artist or with your band. Or maybe you’re looking to build your career as an independent session musician.

NO WORRIES, we are here to help!

iGNITE! Music provides works with the best people in the business to help artists become (even more) successful.

We can help you with (amongst other things):

  • music career planning & coaching
  • music marketing & PR
  • management & booking
  • personal coaching
  • finding the right team (eg. band / performance coaching) & producer for you
  • contract management
  • ntellectual property & copyright issues
  • opening up international markets (eg Asia)

Do you want more information about our products and services? Or do you have another issue that blocks you from reaching your full potential?
Then please contact us to plan a FREE meeting. We’ll treat everything strictly confidential and love to talk to you!

iGNITE! Music services
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