NEW: POSHA – EDM Driven concepts & music to make you move!

POSHA - Judith van der Klip - EDM driven concepts & music to make you move!

POSHA is the alias of performing & recording artist Judith Van Der Klip, a classically trained violinist. POSHA creates music and special concepts to make you move. With EDM being her passion, she creates music and special concepts to make you move. POSHA has broad international stage experience and is touring with famous artists, playing on the biggest festivals, clubs & stages. This makes her the perfect choice to entertain large crowds with beat driven music. In every performance she brings music with her unique POSHA violin sound.

POSHA can be booked for:
– festivals & events
– club nights & parties
– business events & promotional activities
– (private) parties
– EDM / dance / hard dance collaborations
– recording sessions

For more information check the information page:

POSHA – EDM driven concepts & music to make you move

The festival season is ON! Need last-minute additions?

act-boeken-festival-seizoen-ignite-music-management-book-acts-now-festival-season-last-minute-iGNITE! music management

As you might have noticed the festival season has started. Of course you’ll be seeing many of our artists playing at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Are you still looking for that one act to spice up your festival? Here are some suggestions that you could still book for your (business)event/festival:

The Hardstyle Pianist
Very popular in the dance scene, unique mix between dance and classical music. His ‘happy hardcore piano mashup’ went viral and he has released singles with famous DJ’s like: Coone and Andy SVGE, he has created a large fanbase both online and in the real world. Played at big events like: Hard Bass and Defqon.1.
Options: solo, with extra soloists, with orchestra (strings + percussion).

DJ Dr. Anders
The most musical, friendly & funky DJ you’ll ever meet. This colorful DJ is guaranteed to fill up any podium with joy! Also very suitable as ‘filler’ during podium changeovers. 30 years of experience behind the decks!
Options: normal setup, vinyl setup, combination setup, customized musical announcements of artists.

Roos Blufpand
This Dutch singer plays a mix of both ballads and very dance-able popsongs, in the Dutch Language. She’s a regular on Dutch radio, played on Dutch national TV and has played hundreds of shows in both theaters and clubs. Roos is all about spreading love and you’ll feel it, her lyrics in Dutch combined with her music transcends language borders, so no worries there!
Options: solo (piano+vocal), with cellist an/or guitarist, full band

Judith van der Klip (artist name Posha) is very experienced. She’s played on many of the big stages and festivals touring with bands such as Blauzun. Together with other experienced musicians she’s created a special opening/closing act for any event and/or can play live at your event/festival together with a DJ/producer.
Options: solo (with backingtrack), special act (with extra soloist on piano), combined with DJ.

Lise Low 
This Dutch singer has an amazing vocal range. Her songs (in English) are sometimes dreamy, sometimes poppy. With a very diverse background from touring with the musical Moulin Rouge to playing at a music/film festival in Sweden and a lot of live experience Lise Low is a great option for festivals.
Options: solo, with guitarist (also backing vocals), full band

Also take a look at our special acts such as:
– dance act combined with 3D animation live
– a funky and funny New Orleans walking band
– a mobile piano (able to be driven and played at the same time)

Need a full-service partner to help you create a captivating programming for on or more stages at your event? We can help! Contact us asap.

After movie De Ondernemer Business Festival 2017 (Dutch)

iGNITE! business events - programmering, concepting De Ondernemer Business Festival 2017

Onlangs verzorgde IGNITE music management, marketing, booking agency de programmering en concept + regie voor de openingsact en virtuele real-time presentator (ontwikkeld i.s.m. Xsens en voor het De Ondernemer Business Festival. 1Twente maakt een mooie registratie en after-movie van het evenement die we graag met je delen!

Oók interesse in een programmering voor uw evenement dat wél aansluit bij uw wensen en doelgroep?
Neem dan contact met ons op, wij komen graag langs voor een gesprek vol inspiratie!

Laatste voorbereidingen Business Festival (Dutch)

iGNITE! Music booking agency verzorgt entertainment tijdens Business Festival Twente 2017 - Hangar 11 - Luchthaven Twente - Enschede

De laatste voorbereidingen voor het Business Festival zijn in volle gang. IGNITE music management, marketing, booking agency verzorgt de volledige entertainment programmering. Tijdens het event lanceren wij onder andere een nieuwe vorm van presentatie voor (business) events. Spannend!

Meer informatie over het Business Festival is te vinden op:

Meer informatie over de dienstverlening van iGNITE! voor business events is te vinden op:


iGNITE! Music verzorgt programmering Business Festival Twente 2017 (Dutch)

iGNITE! Music programmering muziek entertainment Business Festival Twente De Ondernemer 2017

Het is definitief: IGNITE music management, marketing, booking agency verzorgt op 20 april 2017 de volledige muziek en entertainment programmering voor het Business Festival en daar zijn wij best trots op! Nog trotser zijn wij op de tevredenheid van onze klant De Persgroep Nederland:

Frank Dammers (Persgroep Nederland):
“origineel en helemaal opgebouwd vanuit de behoefte van de b2b doelgroep”.

Juist door onze kennis er ervaring op gebied van marketing in de b2b markt én onze kennis over unieke en kwalitatieve muziek en entertainment kunnen wij ook voor uw event de juiste programmering neerzetten. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie!