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On this page you’ll find a list of all acts represented by iGNITE! Music booking agency. Interested in learning more about a specific act or can’t find what you’re looking for on this page? Please contact us, we’ll find that perfect match you’re looking for!

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EXCLUSIVE ACTS (alphabetical order)

iGNITE! booking agency - Hardstyle Pianist
THE HARDSTYLE PIANIST – The fastest rising act in the Hardstyle scene is not what you might expect it to be…. It’s not a producer or DJ … no, it’s a classical pianist! The Hardstyle Pianist has taken the Hardstyle scene by storm, arranging famous hardstyle tracks and playing them on a classical piano.



iGNITE! booking agency - DJ Anders - mixing old & new
DR. ANDERS, regular at the Dutch Fields of Joy Festival is not your average type of DJ. He mixes the old, vinyl records, with digital samples and mixes them up in a very special blend. Not only his mixing style but also his taste in music will amaze you. From jazz to funk, from hip-hop to EDM it’s all possible with DR. ANDERS.
ROOS BLUFPAND – singer-songwriter / pop music / sustainability The 24 year old Dutch singer-songwriter Roos Blufpand captivates audiences in both theaters and live clubs with songs in the Dutch language that can be very sensitive and ‘small’ but also very poppy, energetic and ‘jumpy’. Since 2011 Roos Blufpand has played hundreds of live gigs in the Netherlands on live stages, in theaters as well as on national radio and television stations. Besides her public shows Roos Blufpand plays at many business events. Mainly those dealing with social equality and environmental themes are a good match because Roos loves people in general and lives, creates music and does her touring in the most environmental friendly way possible. Roos is who she is, authenticity to the max.
iGNITE! booking agency - Bart Dancing - special act - opening acts - dancer - break dancer - dubstep dancer
BART DANCING – special act / opening act / professional (break)dancer Need that special element in your event? The WOW factor? You just found it. Bart Dancing provides tailored dance acts for any event-type including special acts using the XSens motion capturing technology to create a live 3D animated character as a virtual dance-parner (customizable characters).
Mobile Piano Man / Mobiele Piano act
MOBILE PIANO MAN – mobile piano act (all genres) The most versatile and mobile piano act you’ll ever find! Though smart construction this ‘piano on wheels’ can be played by the professional pianist while driving it! Ideal for events with multiple areas, shopping centers and festivals. Branding can be applied on the piano on request.

iGNITE! booking agency - Swing-du-nord-background-achtergrond-music-muziek-jazz-gypsy-jazz-zigeuner

SWING DU NORD – (gypsy) jazz extraordinaire These four very experienced musicians will bring smiles to the faces of your audience. These men know their way around from business settings to restaurant gigs, from festivals to clubs. The violin player is not only brilliant, but also that type of man that can make any human’s heart melt.

iGNITE! booking agency - special act - special entertainment - Light Painting - marketing - event - art
LIGHT PAINTING – special act / special entertainment Stop calling those boring green screen guys. Time for something new. Give your event-visitors a special experience AND a nice give-away. Basically TIm makes photographic artworks using your vistor (or group) and create light art around those people using special light-devices. The results are stunning.

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