Acts we manage

iGNITE! Music manages the following amazing acts & artists
(in alphabetical order):

A Mili – energetic urban pop
More information about A Mili can be found here
A Mili Urban Pop (Dutch)
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DJ DR. ANDERS – funky flavors for your event
More information about DJ Dr. Anders can be found here
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HARDSTYLE PIANIST – Hardstyle arrangements on classical piano
More information about HARDSTYLE PIANIST can be found here.
Hardstyle Pianist In Concert - June 2nd 2017, HEDON Zwolle (NL) photo credits: Pending Title Photography
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PACO CHAINS – Immersive progressive rock concert experience
More information about Paco Chains can be found here.
Paco Chains - immersive progressive rock concert experience

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POSHA – EDM driven concepts & music to make you move
More information about POSHA can be found here.
POSHA - EDM driven concepts & performances

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ROOS BLUFPAND – Singer-songwriter & Pop Music
More information about ROOS BLUFPAND can be found here and here (Dutch).
Roos Blufpand - Nederlandse popartiest / singer songwriter
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